As a creative we must cultivate the spirit as well as the physical, your body is your tool of creative expression with that in mind there must be a delicate balance of nutrition, exercise, play and rejuvenation. Here are some of the things I do to stay alive (sharing is caring).


Every human body is different, take the time to explore your needs, this will require listening to your body and following your in build impulse.


Others can guide you in a general direction but you must take the lead from your instincts as you may become exhausted from trying and give up too easily (I have done that so many times).


Realise, there isn’t a set right way, it’s a journey of discovery and only you know the path. Drinking lots of water and fresh food is a start, here are some suggestions, there is an abundance of them online so you can find your own to maintain your general wellbeing. Try and mixed some of these into your daily routine and see if it has a positive impact on you.


Suggestion 1

  • Breakfast: Kale, ginger and melon smoothie.

  • Snack: Red peppers and hummus

  • Lunch: Beetroot, avocado and spinach salad.

  • Snack: mixed berries and pine nuts

  • Dinner: Raw vegetable pizza

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Suggestion 2

  • Breakfast: Chia seed pudding

  • Snack: Kale and spinach smoothie 

  • Lunch: Apple and walnut salad

  • Snack: Suger snap peas, chilli  flakes and nuts

  • Dinner: chick peas, sun-dried tomatoes and vegan feta

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Suggestion 3

  • Breakfast: Avocado, scrambled eggs, cream cheese with smoked salmon.

  • Snack: Raw Broccoli and chilli flakes.

  • Lunch: Spinach and mixed nuts salad.

  • Snack: One mashed banana and cashew nuts

  • Dinner: Stuffed red peppers with diced red and white onions and mushrooms.

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Suggestion 4

  • Breakfast: Glass of cold water with lemon and vegan pancakes

  • Snack: Sliced figs with pine nuts 

  • Lunch: Spiced Mackerel (any fish), asparagus, spinach, courgette and carrot.

  • Snack: Banana and raw nut butter smoothie

  • Dinner: Raw courgette lasagna

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Suggestion 5

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Suggestion 6

  • Breakfast: Vegan flap jack.

  • Snack: Apple, pear and berries mash up (flaxseed sprinkles).

  • Lunch: Green kale salad with avocado.

  • Snack: Avocado on bread with chilli flakes.

  • Dinner: Vegan Mac & Cheese

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Suggestion 7

  • Breakfast: Mango, pineapple, lemon, lime, turmeric  and cashew milk smoothie

  • Snack: Apple slices and mixed nuts 

  • Lunch: Spinach, kale, beetroot and vegan feta salad. 

  • Snack: Melon slices

  • Dinner: Roasted veggies; courgette, carrots, green peppers, squash and mushrooms. 


As an actor/comedian/model general clown, I'm super busy so can't do regular sport activity boo! I try going to the gym, when I can, only two-three times a week is needed if you eat well (which I generally do). There are lots of online resources for free here are some of my favourite at home YouTubers to follow.



Workout music is great for doing your own home routine, just 20 minutes a day can really make a difference to your physical and mental wellbeing.  Exercise actively encourages new brain cell, boosts your memory  (helps with those line learning). Its great for lifting your mood too after a testing audition or show.

Workout Music

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Play & Rejuvenation

Here are some suggestions; making paper aeroplanes, board games, drawing, painting, dressing up, playing with childhood toys and awakening the inner child.


I have purchased a pogo stick and a trampoline these where childhood toys they brought joy. Remind yourself of the things you enjoyed and relive them regularly, whether that’s skateboarding, playing a video games or building a Lego set.


Only you know what those memories are, and if you don’t have any, make them now. Buy the toys you wanted, explore the games you always wanted to, its important to set your inner child free. Its important to laugh and play and there are plenty of games to explore, with others or on your own, this play is important to your spiritual well being.


Finding time to reflect is very important, I suggest meditating once a day, whether that’s with a walk or sitting down formally to do a meditation. This is something natural to us, before we knew how to form words, in the first part of our lives we reflected a lot, as a tiny baby we reflected deeply as we tried to make sense of our new world. It’s important to preserve that wonder. Which means reflecting daily on yourself and your surroundings. There is no right or wrong, just finding your own way to connect.


"Mindfulness Gift To You"

There are so many mindfulness materials out there, self help books, affirmation cards, YouTube meditations, prayer technique....find time to maintain your mind YOUR way. Here is my FREE movement mediation, you can do this anywhere around the house, there is no need to sit down formally.

Movement Meditation- Your Now
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