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Comedian | Actress | Commercial Model | Writer




I was born in Jamaican in the deep countryside of St Elizabeth, I fell in love with story telling after arriving in the UK at age seven (yes I remember the day I landed at Gatwick, I was Jamaican seven). I was enrolled in Helen O'Grady Drama Academy to knock the country out of my accent.

I became part of a local youth theatre in Croydon (yes Croydon). I later joined the BRIT school of performance arts in Selhurst, South London (in Croydon, I genuinely love my second home town on planet Earth).

After two years of theatre studies and two years studying media and film, I furthered my studies in Film Production at Staffordshire University (in an effort to impact the British Film Industry with a different perspective). But instead had the honour of sharing my work with her Majesty The Queen and his Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. (Old Lizzy was a charmer, she was boob height to me so I bet she had an awesome view of my rack)

I have had the pleasure of acting in;  Independent Films, TV shows, Short Films, Studio Corporate Projects, Web Series. 

Commercials Modeling for TV, Print, Live events, amongst others (all of which you have never heard of so please don't ask me what I have been in).

Graduating from London's Soho Comedy Club programme in 2014 doing stand up comedy.

I have never looked back,  thrilled by the journey and excited by the ride, super passionate about sharing my crazy immigrant woman life in the UK.  Find my point of view on London's comedy circuit. Or watch indie films and commercials to get a glimpse of my HOT mug (the corporate gigs are confidential, they make me sign papers and take my DNA as collateral).

During the pandemic I did the first zoom Soho Theatre Comedy lab course and did lots of fun zoom comedy, I am currently writing amazing things and dreaming about sharing it with you beautiful people of planet Earth.


Thanks for visiting xx